About the POHorizon™ blog

POHorizon™, an SaaS solution, allows companies to create shipping documents, track their freight, retain necessary documents and stay in compliance with the U.S. import/export laws. It is a plug and play offering, powered by the cloud, which enables seamless archiving of records on digital media. Reviewing clients’ export processes, ensuring proper classifications and minimal compliance risk with complete visibility, and helping companies import in to difficult countries, POHorizon™ is a one-stop for companies of all sizes. POHorizon™ is a pair of extra hands, eyes and brainpower to keep managers informed and shipments under control in any tough environment.

This blog is for POHorizon™ members and anyone else interested in keeping up with the latest and greatest in trade compliance news. To learn more about our software POHorizon™, visit our site at http://www.pohorizon.com.


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